Hello. I’m Paul!

I was a keen swimmer when I was young and it’s something I remember fondly. This has given me an incentive to pass on those excited feelings and joy that it gave me to others.

My competitive swimming days are a bit hazy now as it was a while ago, but I was rather good. What is still crystal clear, however, is how good it felt to swim! It provided me with a sense of freedom and a new found confidence to achieve highly in something that I enjoyed.
Although I was a late starter to swimming, as I was a shy lad, swimming has given me huge confidence in all aspects of life.

As a person, I am fun and outgoing, I enjoy seeing people achieve their goals and I am a very proud father of a daughter whom I dedicated my life to raising.

I now have over 15 years experience in teaching children, adults and those with special needs. Their skills ranged from total beginners to the technically advanced superstar.

I always strive to encourage, help, build self confidence and self belief, as well as coaching children to swim with style and flair.

I love to teach, as passing on my knowledge and experience has helped me to become the teacher I am proud of; teaching children to swim with confidence and a smile. I use varied, proven techniques that will help all children reach their desired targets and personal goals.

See you on Paulside. ?

“Chloe started off her lessons with being petrified of the water and not wanting to do much. Americo has been so patient with her (as she can be very stubborn!) and Chloe now enjoys her lessons, and as of yesterday has started to swim a little with her face in the water which is a huge achievement for her.”


“I just wanted to feedback that Americo seems to have got more out of both our children already than in a full term at a leisure centre. He is brilliant!-he has already in 2 lessons got a grasp on them and they are both already swimming more. As parents we are receiving communication and feedback face to face- so wonderful! Such a difference. Thank You Americo.”

F. Brown

All of our staff are trained to the highest standards