Hi! I’m Hellen,


I have loads of enthusiasm to help kids (and adults!) to swim to the best of their ability, and hopefully enjoy it along the way.

I swam for my county until 14, then after a career break for children, I retrained and refreshed, in order to start yet another swimming journey – Teaching the skills I learned!

I teach all ages, and abilities – I feel very privileged to help my swimmers improve their technique and grow in confidence, and I think that being a parent with 3 kids helps me be firm but fun.

I’m love getting all of my students water-safe, enjoying their swimming and I am very excited to meet you and your children!

“On Thursday evening, my son’s lesson at Kings Hedges was covered by Hellen as his normal teacher was unwell. Hellen was absolutely the best teacher I have seen! She quickly assessed the ability of the children in the class, spoke to them immediately at their emotional-level, with excellent eye contact and clear instructions, and within the 30min lesson, she had improved their front crawl technique – directly due to her detailed instructions combined with a caring approach. I was impressed!”

C. Lemanski

All of our staff are trained to the highest standards