Hi I’m Chloe

I have been working in aquatics for over 25 years as a teacher and coach, I will help you realise your potential.

Whether you are a beginner, have a fear of water, training for a specific event or timed swim I can help you to learn the correct techniques to enable you to swim confidently and efficiently.

Having spent many years training and competing for a club and continuing to enjoy the industry to this day, I have experienced techniques and practices adapting, FINA laws evolving, and aquatic disciplines expanding. Witnessing the historic activities and progressive developments in this field throughout the years, has allowed me to develop a strong depth and breadth of knowledge in aquatics.

I have continued to develop my swimming career as a mentor and educator to the next generation of swimming teachers, and continue to share my ethos that every person should have the opportunity to learn this life saving skill regardless of age, ability or background.

See you by the pool.

”Alistair is teaching our 6yr old daughter in a fun and pleasant way. She looks very happy in his class, is paying attention (most of the time), is keen to please him, and is making steady improvement. She immediately liked his manner; which is quite rare! Thank you for suggesting Alistair for us!”

– K. Liddell

All of our staff are trained to the highest standards