One question that often comes up is what you should pack for your child’s swimming lesson and there are a few items of swimming lesson equipment that are an absolute necessity, however some accessories are optional. Don’t forget a plastic bag to put the wet swimming costumes in!

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The Essentials:

Swimming Costume

There are huge ranges of boys’ and girls’ swimming costumes available today; if your child is old enough to help pick theirs out, then make sure you are both happy with it. This will encourage them to put it on and get swimming! Perhaps try wearing it in the bath before their first lesson so that they can get used to wearing it.

Junior wetsuits are a good choice if you have any concerns over your child getting cold in the water, however most esa swimming pools are kept at around 30 °C (with a few exceptions).

If in doubt, please ask!


It is equally important to pack for showering after your child’s swimming lesson. A clean, dry towel will be warmly received after a session in the water; alternatively a hooded towel is a great option for keeping them snug whilst drying.

Remember: showering before and after using a pool is very important as it keeps the chemicals in the pool balanced – Imbalanced pool chemicals can lead to lesson cancellations!

A Warm Outfit

With winter fast approaching (and England’s weather in general!) it is a good idea to pack a few spare items such as a hat in your bag, as children lose heat through the top of their head.

Pre and Post-Swim Snacks

It is a big myth that you shouldn’t eat before swimming, however there are certain things to bear in mind: Try to eat 1  – 2 hours before the lesson if possible, but if this is not an option then try something small like a snack bar to keep them going. Click on the following link to find out a bit more about this HERE.

After all the swimming, your little ones are sure to be hungry and thirsty. Make sure to pack a drink and a nutritional snack such as a piece of fruit or yoghurt for them to gobble down afterwards!

Additionally, eating on the poolside is never a good idea as dropped food, crumbs and food wrappers are a breeding ground for bacteria – we want to keep our pools hygienic for your enjoyment and use!

Adult & Baby Lessons:

Swim Nappies

With the introduction of adult and child classes, this is definitely one to add to the list! There are two main types: Disposable swim nappies and Reusable swim nappies. Reusable swim nappies will be more economical if you’re going to take your infant swimming a lot and just like the swimming costume it is a good idea to try them out before the lesson to ensure it fits comfortably.

esa also require the use of neoprene nappy-covers, which fit over swim nappies to provide a tight seal, preventing any little accidents in the pool.

Cream and Wet Wipes

These are necessary for after the baby lessons! Barrier cream will protect your babies skin from damage and infection and wet wipes are always handy in case of any accidents.

Optional Extras:

Optional Accessories for child lessons but not baby classes:


Goggles are a great way to help with your child’s confidence and encourage them to duck their head underwater. With a large market of different styles you are sure to find one that suits your child. Mask-style goggles are also worth looking at, as they fit comfortably around the eyes.

Swimming Cap

Once again this is a personal preference, a swimming cap will protect your child’s hair from the chlorine and make them more streamlined in the water. Be sure to rinse it in cold water and then dry it after use to maintain the cap’s condition.

We hope that you have found this blog helpful! Let us know in the comments below if you can think of anything else that you can’t go without. Remember – the most important swimming aid you can bring is a smile!