In 2010 we took our first steps outside of Cambridge by starting swimming lessons in a private pool on the outskirts of Newmarket at Arran House Stud in Kennett. This was a huge risk for such a small company however it turned out to be one of the best moves we ever made! It quickly turned into one of our most popular sites in the entire pool portfolio so we were devastated to have to close down in December 2015 when the site was sold by the land lords.

In summer 2016 we were approached by the new buyers to work in partnership to redevelop the pool and re start our swimming lessons there. We are delighted to say that the deal went through and work is well underway into restoring this incredible pool which has huge amounts of potential. Work is going very well indeed and we are on track to open in time for the Easter Holidays.

Swimming pools take a huge amount of maintenance and during the 1 year that the property was unoccupied, the pool  fell into a state of disrepair. We have therefore pledged £30,000 into restoring the pool to it’s former glory as well as installing several extra finishing touches to give it the feel of a luxury spa.

Full redecoration, new lighting, new changing rooms, refurbished toilets and showers have all been done as standard. In addition to this we are installing new doors, a whole new pool liner, hair dryers and a private car park with private access exclusively for esa customers. The end result will be a tranquil and luxurious site for our children to enjoy their lessons with no distractions.

The pool benefits from a shallow end as well as a deep end so learning to dive is a great asset here. The pool measures 10m x 5m and with just 1 class of 3 students in at any 1 time you can be sure of a very personal service.

During the renovations we discovered a whole under floor heating system and underwater lighting in the pool. This is all being restored to add to the finishing touches.

We are incredibly excited about our return to Arran House Stud and will keep you all posted on a private launch party which will be open to all esa customers regardless of which site you swim at. Follow us on facebook to be kept up to date with this.

We are looking forward to the completion of this project and sharing with you the finished results.

Redevelopment Gallery Phase 1