Transform your open water swimming technique in one intense half day course

Half-day Open Water Clinics

Next Courses: Sat 28th April and Sat 12th may 8.30am - 1.30pm

Our Open Water Swimming Clinics are an ideal way to transform your open water swimming technique in just one half-day course!

Whether you have just entered your first ever triathlon or are looking to shave time off your existing Iron Man swims, we have a course to suit you. All students receive personal coaching using methods that have been tried and tested at the highest levels, are given access to volumes of learning materials, personalised plans, HD footage of their stroke and much more; making our half-day intensives extremely good value for money.

All of our Open Water Freestyle Technique Clinics are taught personally by Edward Williams – ESA founder & accomplished channel swimmer.
Ed incorporates his experience of his recent North Channel swim into his clinics in order to give you first hand advice relevant to improving your stroke, especially over long distances whether indoors or outdoors.

New to open water swimming?

We understand that open water swimming can be a very daunting experience if you are not used to it and we will guide you every step of the way to becoming confident and relaxed in this new environment.

Already used to Open water swimming but want to improve? 

We will teach you how to become smoother, faster and more efficient by perfecting your existing technique and teaching you lots of new tricks to maximise your potential.

By using a combination of theory, discussion and practical work, we will guide you through the various stages of how to adapt your stroke to open water conditions. With just 6 students per clinic  you will get lots of personal attention to transform your swimming!

Every open water course starts in the classroom where we will meet for welcome drinks before sitting down and discussing the days schedule in a relaxed environment.

We will cover:

  • Understanding the main elements of open water technique
  • What elements of your technique are holding you back
  • Understanding a perfect front crawl technique with our CGI animation software
  • Strength and flexibility exercises to improve your performance in the water
  • How to relax, eliminate your fears, and enjoy the whole experience

DSCF0162_0[1]We will swim for short distances in the lake and tread water in between sets to talk and discuss elements of your technique. One coach will be in the water with you at all times and another will be in a boat for safety, support and to film your stroke for analysis later in the day.

We will cover:

  • Putting the classroom theory and technique into action
  • Filming your stroke above the water before, during, and after the group session. This will be edited and given to you afterwards with a full personal written commentary.
  • How to swim in a straight line and see where you are going.
  • Effective breathing techniques.
  • Techniques to help you swim effortlessly and with superb technique.
  • Correcting your individual technical faults and enhancing your existing stroke.

P1020826_0[1]In the classroom: 1.5 hour

When we get back to the classroom environment we will discuss and analyse everything we have learned including:

  • Full analysis of your individual stroke from the video footage
  • The secrets of swimming fast without losing your technique
  • The psychology of swimming (one of our guest lecturers will be giving a talk on how to change your mindset for optimum results)
  • Summary with Q&A

Our half day clinics cost £200 all inclusive. This fee includes all coaching, video analysis, course materials and after care support. As with all of our services it comes with the ESA 100% money back guarantee!

Open Water Clinic Testimonials


“I want to thank for a most enjoyable day on sunday, it was worth every penny. Got rid of some poor habits that had slipped in, gave me a reminder of how I might be able to swim if I focused a bit more and also interesting to learn new techniques which were previously not the accepted methods. It was fun and I really liked your natural but precise method of delivery”

“This course was like nothing else I have ever experienced in the world of swimming coaching! The progress I made in just 4 hours is truly remarkable. Over a 400m sprint I am now 3 minutes faster and my stroke rate has dropped below 20 per length when it was 26 Strokes per length yesterday! Best money I have invested in myself for a long time.”

“Thank you for a spectacular open water course. When you said we would walk away a different swimmer by the end of the day I thought “yes right!” I have been proven wrong and will testify that I have learned more with you in 4 hours than in the last 20 years! I am now faster than my brother for the first time ever. Thank you!”

“Out standing, is how I would describe the advice from elite swim academy. I feel sure that with their help I will dodge the channel tunnel train fare and swim the channel. Simple techniques taught with a bit of common sense and in an unpatronising way”