Meet our teachers and coaches


Hi, my name is Hannah and I have been teaching swimming since February 2011.

Working with children has been a big ambition of mine from a young age, so therefore working with children in the sport that I love seemed perfect to me!

Swimming has always been my sport for as long as I can remember. I started lessons from a very young age, which resulted in me swimming competitively for 7 years and competing at regional level.

I teach for ESA most days of the week and absolutely love it. I also worked with them as a swimmer to develop a range of video tutorials to help our swimmers keep learning outside of lessons like the one below for front crawl breathing.

Hannah's Testimonials

“Hannah is superb and for most of the lesson, she was in the water, giving practical instruction and examples of the strokes and turns and even swam and dived with our daughter.

It was well worth the visit (from Yorkshire.)

Hannah is an excellent coach and my daughter really warmed to her as the session went on.”

– W. Smith

Hannah's Testimonials

“My daughter (6) really enjoyed her week of lessons with Hannah. She progressed a great deal during the lessons due to Hannah’s methodical and well-planned approach.

Hannah’s lessons were fun of course, but crucially also were structured with strokes broken down into parts for the children to learn. Hannah was able in the class of only three children to know each child’s own particular needs and my daughter, for example, progressed really well focusing on ‘straight legs’ and ‘ice-cream scoops’.

The lessons were so good that we have booked lessons for September with Hannah and my daughter is already looking forward to them.

Thank you Hannah.”

– Mark N.

Hannah's Testimonials

“My grandson has just had a great week of intensive swim lessons with Hannah.
We really like the way she teaches and gives attention to each child in the group, and he has made lots of progress.  He enjoyed the diving a lot and has had a sound introduction to breaststroke.
Hannah is an excellent teacher, consistent and has a lovely manner with the children.”
 – S. Shead

Hannah's Testimonials

“My son has been swimming with you for a year – He started last year, being scared of putting his head in the water and I am now watching him dive, swim front crawl and learning back stroke.

This has only been possible to the great swimming teacher he has: Hannah. She is nothing but amazing!
 – C. Quinteiro

Children's Lessons Testimonials


"I can recommend Elite Swimming Academy in the strongest possible terms. My son was three and a half when he started his classes with Elite and was very nervous around water following some disastrous swimming lessons at our local leisure centre pool. After only one session with Anthony, he seemed entirely happy in the water. After two sessions, he was claiming that he "loved swimming". After a term, he had become a really confident swimmer. I have nothing but praise for Elite, Ed Williams and Anthony." 
C Ross.

"My two children (aged 7 and 3) just started with Elite after waiting for several months for suitable lesson times due to our other commitments and the popularity of the lessons! The classes were worth the wait - I noticed an improvement in their skills from their first lessons! I've recommended Elite to my friend for her 4 year old and she too is delighted! My kids' teachers are really nice, any emails are answered really quickly and the service as a whole is great!" 
E Watson

"Fabulous! I saw clear progress in just one lesson. I am a teacher and could have filmed the lesson for use in professional development! Excellent use of assessment for learning, clear instruction, personalised per participant and clear explanations of how and WHY! Super. We will be booking lessons for Christmas holidays if available."
Nikki Gabb

"I must let you know that although we have only had 5 lessons with you so far, I am more impressed with the progress that Jacob has made in just 5 lessons than he has made in 5 years of our previous swimming lessons! Clear instruction, superb attention to detail and sheer professionalism every step of the way." 
Laura Davies

All of our staff are trained to the highest standards