Fast Results Guaranteed with our small classes and world class coaches!

Children’s Weekly Swimming Lessons

Spaces for Autumn Term 2018 Available to book!

(£21 per 30-minute lesson)

3 students or less in each class



Amazing quality hand picked teachers



Monthly On line progress reports



FREE badges and certificates for every child at the end of term



Warm, clean private pools



Lessons take place 7 days a week


Our children’s weekly lessons run during school term time in warm, private pools throughout Cambridge, Newmarket, Barrow and Croydon (near Wimpole & Royston). Our lessons have no more than 3 children in a class (and options of 2 children in a class, or single child classes, are available upon request).

They are suitable for children between the ages of 3 years and up, from complete beginners through to confident and established young swimmers who need to perfect their technique. Each class lasts for 30 minutes and you will notice huge progress every week. Our innovative techniques and high standards are second to none so although we are a little more expensive than other swim schools we offer massive value for money by delivering guaranteed results week in, week out.

Small classes for Optimum results

Having an absolute maximum of 3 students in each class allows us to cover huge amounts of content in the 30 minute lesson. We can also concentrate and hone in on your child’s individual needs in a very personal way.

Reward the children's hard work!

At the end of every term, each child in our lessons will receive a badge and certificate as a reward for all of their hard work. We do this to keep them motivated and for you to track their progress.

In depth, Quality tuition every step of the way

With decades of experience between them, the ESA coaches will have your children making massive progress every lesson.

Which Class is Right For My Child?

Child stage 0: These classes are suitable for children who are complete beginners with little or no water experience.

Child stage 0 - 1: These classes work for children who have been in the water before but are by no means swimming independently. We develop basic safety awareness, basic movement skills and water confidence skills. Swimmers may use aids, such as woggles, floats, etc.

Child stage 1 - 2: These classes work well for children who are on the verge of swimming independent doggy paddle. We work on developing safe entries to the water, including jumping in, basic floating, travel on the front and back up to a distance of five metres, and rotating the body to regain an upright position. Swimmers may use aids such as woggles, floats, etc. A degree of water confidence is necessary for these classes.

Child stage 2 - 3: These classes are concerned with developing basic doggy paddle, backstroke and safe entries into the water – including submersion. Swimmers must be able to travel up to 10metres on the front and back, They will also progress water safety knowledge and body rotation skills from the previous Stage.

Child stage 3 - 4: These classes are aimed at children who can swim 10 - 15m of a basic front crawl, backstroke and breast stroke. This stage aids the learner in developing the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills. Also covered is refining kicking techniques for all strokes.

Child stage 4 - 5: These classes start to expand on other water based skills such as sculling, treading water and body complete rotation. Children will be able to perform all strokes for 20m to a good standard showing good technique and rhythm.

Child stage 5 - 6: These classes are aimed at children who can swim all 4 strokes well. Developing effective swimming skills – including coordinated breathing – across all strokes is the focus of this stage. Learners also have to swim a distance of 25metres using a stroke of the swimmer’s choice. Children also learn about aspects of water safety and about preparing properly for exercise.

Child stage 6 - 7+: During this stage, children develop quality stroke techniques up to 100metres incorporating the skills they have learned, and combine them to develop a linked routine. We will also cover dives, starts and turns.

Term Dates

AUTUMN TERM 2018 (15-week Term)
First Lesson: Monday 3rd September 2018
Half Term Break: Monday 22nd October - Sunday 28th October (no weekly lessons during this week)
Last Weekly Lesson: Sunday 23rd December 2018

SPRING TERM 2019 (13-week Term)
First Lesson: Wednesday 2nd January 2019
Half Term Break: Monday 18th - Sunday 24th February (no weekly lessons during this week)
Last Weekly Lesson: Sunday 7th April 2019

Parent and Child LessonsPretty mother swimming her cute baby

Welcome to the ESA parent and child program. These lessons are very different to conventional parent and child lessons as just like our main lesson program the groups will be capped at just 3 babies (each with a parent in the water.) They are fast paced but fun so that the children build a solid foundation to swimming at the youngest possible age.

View full details of these courses here


happy cute girl toddler swimming underwater

Be a Swimmer – Beginner Lessons

Beginner Lessons offer a perfect introduction to fast track your child’s swimming progress by building a solid foundation. The early days of swimming can be quite daunting for children and that is where our small groups and expert teachers really make a big impact. We take all anxiety out of the early lessons for the children and empower them to believe in their own ability very early on.

We teach children from 3 years of age and usually have them swimming front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke independently by their fourth birthdays!

Be a better Swimmer – Intermediate Lessons


If your child already has a basic understanding of swimming but needs to develop the strokes to a high level then we can help! Our teachers can work very quickly and in great detail with intermediate swimmers once they have a solid base in place. We will teach your child all of the core strokes and have them progressing years ahead of their time very quickly indeed.

Be a Great Swimmer! – Advanced Lessons

If your child can already swim the core strokes then we can make them even better! Our advanced classes will develop finer details of technique like generating more speed, power and efficiency in the water. We also start looking at starts and turns. By the time your child leaves our advanced classes they will have a huge edge over their peers and be accomplished swimmers for life. We have close links with all of the local swimming clubs and will happily introduce you and your child to them should they wish to move to the next stage.

Prices for Term Time Tuition

  • 3 children per class – £21 per lesson
  • Extra 1-2-1 lessons – £63 per lesson

Although we are more expensive than other swim schools we do in fact work out vastly cheaper in the long run! We are a fast-track service so your child will finish their lessons with us years quicker than anywhere else. They will in effect learn everything they need to be safe and efficient at a much younger age.

Children's Lessons Testimonials


"I can recommend Elite Swimming Academy in the strongest possible terms. My son was three and a half when he started his classes with Elite and was very nervous around water following some disastrous swimming lessons at our local leisure centre pool. After only one session with Anthony, he seemed entirely happy in the water. After two sessions, he was claiming that he "loved swimming". After a term, he had become a really confident swimmer. I have nothing but praise for Elite, Ed Williams and Anthony." 
C Ross.

"My two children (aged 7 and 3) just started with Elite after waiting for several months for suitable lesson times due to our other commitments and the popularity of the lessons! The classes were worth the wait - I noticed an improvement in their skills from their first lessons! I've recommended Elite to my friend for her 4 year old and she too is delighted! My kids' teachers are really nice, any emails are answered really quickly and the service as a whole is great!" 
E Watson

"Fabulous! I saw clear progress in just one lesson. I am a teacher and could have filmed the lesson for use in professional development! Excellent use of assessment for learning, clear instruction, personalised per participant and clear explanations of how and WHY! Super. We will be booking lessons for Christmas holidays if available."
Nikki Gabb

"I must let you know that although we have only had 5 lessons with you so far, I am more impressed with the progress that Jacob has made in just 5 lessons than he has made in 5 years of our previous swimming lessons! Clear instruction, superb attention to detail and sheer professionalism every step of the way." 
Laura Davies