We are delighted to offer lessons at this stunning private indoor pool just outside of central London.

The warm, clean water combined with our inspirational teachers in a private and secluded location allows us to offer you a very special experience without the hustle and bustle of big pools in London. 

Temp: 31°C


Depth: 1.2m - 2m


Length/Width: 8.5m x 4m


This pool is ideally located for customers living within close proximity of North London who are looking for a private and secluded environment in which to learn. It is easy to get to from the A1 and is set in a wonderful private neighborhood in Barnet.

We offer children’s lessons here with a maximum ratio of two swimmers to one teacher. We also offer private lessons to children and adults on a 1:2:1 basis.





Parking & Where to Go

Depending on which way you are coming from, we are about 15 metres before / after (on the opposite side of the road) a big sign for a garage called Murphy Motors and a Hand Car Wash. 

After you drive through the entrance you go round a small bend and then the road forks in two. The first immediate left is the neighbour’s private driveway which is strictly off limits. Take the right hand drive and park up according to the map. Once you are parked, make your way around the back of the pool and in through the door.

Rimon Villa
148 Barnet Rd
London, EN5 3LJ

There are 4 parking spaces available for our customers. The first 2 will be immediately in front of you, once you have come round the bend. If you use either of these spaces, please ensure that you drive up to the hedge and park your car well to the left or right to enable another car to park next to you.

The other 3 spaces are on a large gravel area that can be accessed by driving down the right hand pathway. Please ensure that you allow enough room for 2 other cars to park on the gravel, by parking close to the side or centre of the gravel area.

These are the only spaces that we allocate and we ask that you do not park anywhere else on site.

Rimon Villa

Rimon Villa

Important Rules for Barnet Private Pool

  • As the facility is situated at a private home, we need to be respectful to the venue and owners at all times.
  • Any smaller children and babies that are not being taught must be kept under your control and not be allowed to leave your side.
  • Once you are in on poolside, please remove any outdoor footwear or put on overshoes provided. Buggies are not allowed on poolside to ensure good hygiene.
  • Please use the bins provided for used hand towels and general waste only. Please do not use the bins for soiled nappies, sanitary towels or clinical waste of any kind. These items must be taken off site by you.
  • No students are allowed into the pool outside of designated lesson times. Please do not get in early. When lessons have finished please get changed in the changing rooms and leave quietly so as not to disrupt the next class or other users.
  • Please do not hang around outside before or after lessons out of respect to the owners and neighbours.
  • There is strictly no food allowed on poolside to protect our floors and cleanliness standards.
  • Please do not let your children and families run around the swimming pool or changing rooms once in the facility. Children must stay with you at all times, especially in the case of siblings during the lessons. Please do not let them run around outside either as cars will be coming and going and the surrounding areas are privately owned.
  • We take no responsibility for our students, their siblings, or families outside of the actual swimming pool and designated lesson time. It is your responsibility to make sure that your children (and families) obey the pool rules at all times and do not cause danger to themselves or others outside of your lesson time.
  • Please be quiet when leaving the building and going to your cars out of respect to the owners and neighbours.

School Holiday Courses

All school holidays (5 days)


per course

5 days of intense tuition to transform your children’s swimming ability in 1 week during the school holidays.

Private Swimming Lessons

1-2-1 Coaching


Your own private coach for 30 mins of intense coaching to work on your goals.

The fee quoted is for 30 mins but we can also offer 45 mins and 60 minutes pro rata!

Weekly Lessons

Term Time Only


per lesson

A whole term of intense tuition to transform your children’s swimming ability in every area.

We use the best pools throughout Cambridge and Suffolk.