Castle School pool in Cambridge is one of our best pools for beginners of all ages.

The warm water, shallow depth and step access ensure that your child can build their water confidence with ease. This 10m x 5m pool offers a viewing area, excellent disabled facilities and the perfect serene environment for learners to truly begin to excel in their technique.

Please read below for more information on pool rules and facilities:

Temp: 30 - 31°C


Depth: 1.2m


Length/Width: 20m x 5m


  • There is secure changing in both male and female changing rooms.
  • Castle School offers a viewing gallery with direct access to the pool and toilets, also providing seating and coat racks.
  • Castle School uses UV Disinfection, so it is the perfect venue for those with sensitive skin or who react to chlorine.
  • The pool offers excellent disabled facilities, step access and a hoist for pool entry.
  • This pool is not recommended for older or more advanced students.

Parking & Where to Go

  • Castle School offers plenty of ample parking on site, however please turn up slightly early to ensure you find a space.
  • Once you have parked, walk through the main front doors of Castle School. Access to the pool area is found via the door directly to the left of the entrance.
  • Please leave all shoes in this corridor and proceed through the door directly at the end of the corridor, through the physio room into the swimming pool complex.
  • The pool can be accessed via the changing rooms once the children are changed and their lesson is about to start.
  • You can download a site map here:…/Castle-School-Pool-Map.pdf
  • Please check the map below.

Castle School
Courtney Way
Cambridgeshire CB4 2EE

Castle School

Courtney Way, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire CB4 2EE

Available Courses

Weekly Lessons

Term Time Only


per lesson

A whole term of intense tuition to transform your children’s swimming ability in every area.

We use the best pools throughout Cambridge and Suffolk.

Important Rules for the Castle School

  • Please remember to sign in and out in the physio room at every lesson, including the names of your children. This is an important aspect of security and fire safety.
  • Please make sure that all children shower before entering the pool.
  • Only a maximum of two adults may be present on poolside due to council fire and health & safety laws. There is a very comfortable viewing area directly off poolside where you can sit and watch through a big window for any parents that do not wish to view from poolside or if there is no space.
  • Viewing on poolside is restricted to adults only so additional children are not permitted to be on poolside to watch. This includes babies and younger siblings, so please either wait in the waiting room with them.
  • Please keep corridors and access to rooms clear in case of emergency.
  • Any smaller children and babies that are not being taught must be kept under your control and not be allowed to leave your side.
  • Children are not allowed on poolside without a lifeguard present.
  • Please remove any outdoor footwear before entering any “wet areas” i.e. changing rooms, poolside and the physio room. Buggies are not allowed on poolside to ensure good hygiene.
  • Please wait in the changing rooms before and after lessons for your child. The lifeguard will open the doors for you to access poolside, or the children will knock to let you know when they are finished.
  • There is strictly no food allowed on poolside to protect our floors and cleanliness standards.
  • Please do not let your children and families run around the swimming pool or changing rooms once in the facility. Children must stay with you at all times, especially in the case of siblings during the lessons.
  • We take no responsibility for our students, their siblings, or families outside of the actual swimming pool and designated lesson time. It is your responsibility to make sure that your children (and families) obey the pool rules at all times and do not cause danger to themselves or others outside of your lesson time.