No Singing - Just Swimming!

Parent and child Lessons

Let us teach you to teach your baby to swim the ESA way

3 students per class


No singing - Just swimming!


Private and individually taiolored experience

Welcome to the ESA parent and child program. These lessons are very different to conventional parent and child lessons as just like our main lesson program the groups will be capped at just 3 babies (each with a parent in the water.) They will be fast paced but fun so that the children build a solid foundation to swimming at the youngest possible age.

There is very little (if any) singing of songs in our program so it is ideal for parents who are not comfortable in large groups singing together. Our focus is on teaching you to teach your baby to swim. This gives you the tools you need to develop a safe and confident child in the water which will save you huge amounts of time and money in the long run by speeding up the learning process.

Classes are run at Clare Hall in Cambridge and barrow School in Suffolk. Bookings are not yet open but contact us to register your interest.