Hi my name is Waldemar,

For many years, the principles of pedagogy and teaching techniques have been my great passion. I have four years of experience as a swimming teacher and coach, and eight years of experience as a multisport coach (including athletics, martial arts, tai chi, and dance).

As a swimming teacher of beginners swimming lessons, I pay attention to the appropriate adaptation of children and adolescents in the water. It is vital from the psychological aspect when children or teens usually have had a bad experience overcoming the barrier of entering and submerging into the water.

One of my teaching techniques involves children and youngsters with funny games in the water. I sneak vital aquatic skills, such as breathing techniques, buoyancy, floating, jumping in, diving and necessary motor skills in effortless water fun.

As a swimming coach, I always focus on my responsibilities for swimmers, such as assessing, identifying their skills, and encouraging them to use their full potential. I enjoy conducting safe and enjoyable sessions, monitoring, and evaluating swimmers, and giving feedback when is needed. I like to treat each swimmer holistically, observe, and analyse skills, physical abilities, and psychological abilities.

I attach great importance to warming up and come down after completing a training session to protect swimmers from any injury. These session points are good for addressing any psychological issues that may have occurred.

To create a positive training environment for all athletes (beginners, recreational and competitive), I apply basic movement skills drills. Working with individual swimmers and swimming groups had let me understand to develop technical and tactical training plans. Setting goals is always related to the skills and physical abilities of each swimmer.

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