Hi my name is Victoria,

From a young age I was always swimming, for fun and competitions. 2 hours 3 times a week I was diving in the pool and I loved it and my coach was awesome. When I was swimming. My mum always called me Vicky the mermaid. I loved that. I have always kept up with my swimming for fitness and fun. It is a great skill for life. I am a teacher that loves putting smiles on the children’s faces, seeing them swim and learn, through my varied exercises and games. My strengths are definitely my love and enthusiasm.

I have been a chef for 15 years and continue my trade. I started working in a kitchen at the age of 14. Cooking has always been a passion of mine, especially making cakes and desserts. When I was 18, I spent 6 months at the Ritz Hotel in London doing work experience, I can still smell the vanilla from the pastry kitchen, it was amazing!

When I moved to Cambridge, my son started swimming with ESA, and then 2 of my stepdaughters joined a year later. It was then really had an itch. I wanted to return to the water. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces, when they had achieved something is just wonderful and exciting! I wanted to experience that feeling myself, so I became a teacher and joined the ESA team. I’ve never looked back!!!

I love it so much!

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