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Girton College

A stunning 14.8m x 6.4m pool located in the prestigious location of Girton College in Cambridge.

Girton College, one of Cambridge University’s 31 constituent colleges, provides a truly breathtaking venue of the highest quality where students can truly build up their technique, stamina and confidence in a peaceful private environment.

The pool is particularly suited to those students either looking to improve upon their endurance and begin to develop the skills necessary for competitive swimming, or for those who would love to be able to swim that bit faster and safer whilst in open water on holiday.

Whatever your child’s goals, they will certainly be met at Girton College Pool!

Temp: 27°C
Length/Width: 14.8m x 6.4m
Depth: 1m - 1.3m


  • There is secure changing in both male and female changing rooms.
  • Baby changing facilities and nappy bins are not provided at Girton College.

Parking & Where to Go

  • Parking is located in the main visitor’s car park by driving into the Girton Road Entrance. Please find a space and make your way to the Old Kitchens Entrance by following the path and sign posts along the front of the college. A map of the site can be viewed here.
  • Once you arrive at the Old Kitchens Entrance, please buzz on the door and wait for someone to answer. You will need to say your child’s name at this point as without this you will not be able to gain entry. We declare all children’s names in advance so you will be expected.
  • Once inside please follow signs to the swimming pool. It is a long walk so make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes early. The exact path can be found on the site map above. In short, once inside take a left and then a right. You will soon be at the pool!
  • The pool door will be unlocked for you so you can make your way straight inside.
  • Please check the map below in order to plan your journey.


Girton College
Huntingdon Road
Cambridge CB3 0JG

We use the best pools throughout Cambridge and Suffolk

Available Lessons at Girton College

Weekly Lessons

Term Time Only


per lesson

A whole term of intense tuition to transform your children’s swimming ability in every area.

Important Rules for Girton College

  • As the pool is owned by Girton College and is also provided for the occasional use by students, we need to be respectful to other users at all times.
  • Please ensure that all students have showered before entering the water.
  • Any smaller children and babies that are not being taught must be kept under your control and not be allowed to leave your side. Please use the benches provided.
  • Once you are in on poolside, please remove any outdoor footwear or put on overshoes provided. Buggies are not allowed on poolside to ensure good hygiene.
  • Please use the bins provided for used hand towels and general waste only. Please do not use the bins for soiled nappies, sanitary towels or clinical waste of any kind. These items must be taken off site by you.
  • No students are allowed into the pool outside of designated lesson times. Please do not get in early. When lessons have finished please get changed in the changing rooms (or on poolside) and leave quietly so as not to disrupt the next class or other users.
  • There is strictly no food allowed on poolside to protect our floors and cleanliness standards.
  • Please do not let your children and families run around the swimming pool or changing rooms once in the facility. Children must stay with you at all times, especially in the case of siblings during the lessons.
  • Our teachers are rescue and first aid qualified to a high standard so we do not employ an additional lifeguard. First aid kits and an emergency phone are available at all times.
  • Photography is not permitted anywhere within the pool complex.
  • The pool hall is monitored by the Porters Lodge via CCTV.
  • We take no responsibility for our students, their siblings, or families outside of the actual swimming pool and designated lesson time. It is your responsibility to make sure that your children (and families) obey the pool rules at all times and do not cause danger to themselves or others outside of your lesson time.
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