The Development of Manor Farm

In August 2017 we were approached by the owners of Manor Farm in Croydon (Cambridgeshire) to see if we would be interested in developing a dilapidated pool in a barn on their land. The pool was self built by the farmers in the early 80’s for their children but like many home pools it had fallen into disrepair over the years. As a company we were apprehensive at first due to the fact it was in a remote location however after seeing the pool for the first time we immediately saw the potential and decided to go for it.

The first step was to completely redesign the ergonomics and aesthetics of the building. We changed the entrance to the other side of the building to keep cold air out and to create a more natural flow. We then set to work on insulating the walls and replacing all of the old metal doors and windows with UPVC ones. We completely renovated the changing and pool area to give it a clean luxury feel and installed facilities like showers and hot water to complete the experience for customers.

The pool is heated by a state of the art bio mass boiler system. This involves burning wood pellets in a furnace to create pressure and heat. This then travels underground into a heat exchanger in the pool plant room, which in turn, heats the water in the pool to a toasty 31 degrees! This system also powers the hot showers and radiators making us one of the most energy efficient pools in the region.

Taking on this project was a big risk for esa as we were concerned that the location would be too remote. We are so delighted we went for it though as this has to be one of the most stunning development projects we have ever tuned around.

Lessons are available at this pool seven days a week for children and adults, never with more than 3 swimmers in the pool at any one time. It really is a very special place to learn and we can’t wait to see what the future holds here. For more details check out our range of available services at Manor Farm here.