Children’s Weekly Lessons

Available spaces

Here you can view every place we have available for our children’s weekly lessons for the current term. Please note that these spaces are automatically updated every hour and are subject to change.


* You can filter by using the drop down boxes. (click the filtered value to remove it from the search.) * Or type in the search box to narrow down your options. Find the one you like, then email or phone our office to book your child in.

Available Spaces for Autumn Term 2019

TownPoolDayTimeSpacesAbility levelTeacher
CroydonManor FarmMonday10:30 AM2ESA 5Ryan Cox
NewmarketArran House StudMonday09:30 AM3ESA MINNOW
-Monday09:00 AM3-Americo Carvalho
CambridgeKings HedgesMonday04:00 PM1ESA 2Dale Voyse
CambridgeKings HedgesMonday04:00 PM2ESA 2Kevin Arrowsmith
CambridgeKings HedgesMonday04:00 PM1ESA MINNOWRyan Cox
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolMonday04:30 PM2ESA 4Americo Carvalho
NewmarketArran House StudMonday04:30 PM3-Thomas Smith
CambridgeGirton CollegeMonday04:30 PM1ESA 3Kamila Janiak
CambridgeCastle SchoolMonday04:30 PM1ESA 4
CambridgeCastle SchoolMonday04:30 PM2ESA 4Molly Reeder
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolMonday05:00 PM2ESA 1Americo Carvalho
NewmarketArran House StudMonday05:00 PM3-Thomas Smith
CambridgeKings HedgesMonday05:00 PM1ESA 1Dale Voyse
CambridgeKings HedgesMonday05:00 PM1ESA 1Kevin Arrowsmith
CroydonManor FarmMonday05:00 PM2ESA 2Sina Naderi
CambridgeClare HallMonday05:30 PM1ESA 2Liam Alderson
CambridgeKings HedgesMonday05:30 PM1ESA 1Ryan Cox
NewmarketArran House StudMonday05:30 PM1ESA 3Thomas Smith
CambridgeCastle SchoolMonday05:30 PM1ESA 3
CambridgeDW SportsMonday06:00 PM1ESA 4David Vagos
NewmarketArran House StudMonday06:00 PM3-Thomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallTuesday03:00 PM1ESA 4Kamila Janiak
Bar HillHallmark HotelTuesday03:30 PM1ESA 5
NewmarketArran House StudTuesday04:00 PM1ESA 1Dale Voyse
Bar HillHallmark HotelTuesday04:00 PM1ESA 3
CambridgeGirton CollegeTuesday04:00 PM2ESA 6Thomas Smith
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolTuesday04:00 PM1ESA 2Americo Carvalho
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolTuesday04:30 PM1ESA MINNOWAmerico Carvalho
CambridgeDW SportsTuesday04:30 PM2ESA 3Liam Alderson
NewmarketArran House StudTuesday04:30 PM1ESA 2Dale Voyse
Bar HillHallmark HotelTuesday04:30 PM1ESA 4
CambridgeGirton CollegeTuesday05:00 PM2-Thomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallTuesday05:00 PM1ESA 4Kamila Janiak
CroydonManor FarmTuesday05:00 PM1ESA 4Hellen Anderson
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolTuesday05:30 PM1ESA 2Americo Carvalho
CambridgeGirton CollegeTuesday05:30 PM2ESA 5Thomas Smith
NewmarketArran House StudTuesday05:30 PM1ESA 3Dale Voyse
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolTuesday06:00 PM1ESA 2Americo Carvalho
CambridgeDW SportsTuesday06:00 PM1ESA 4Liam Alderson
CambridgeClare HallTuesday06:00 PM1ESA 6Kamila Janiak
Bar HillHallmark HotelTuesday06:00 PM1ESA 3
CambridgeClare HallTuesday06:30 PM1ESA 4Kamila Janiak
CambridgeDW SportsTuesday06:30 PM2ESA 4Liam Alderson
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeTuesday07:00 PM1ESA 5Sina Naderi
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeTuesday07:00 PM2ESA 5Sina Naderi
CambridgeClare HallWednesday02:30 PM2ESA 1David Vagos
NewmarketArran House StudWednesday03:30 PM2ESA 3Dale Voyse
CambridgeImagine Spa at Quy Mill HotelWednesday03:30 PM1ESA 1Lucinda Hart
CambridgeGirton CollegeWednesday04:00 PM2ESA 4Liam Alderson
CambridgeImagine Spa at Quy Mill HotelWednesday04:00 PM1ESA 4Lucinda Hart
Bar HillHallmark HotelWednesday04:00 PM1ESA 2
CambridgeCastle SchoolWednesday04:00 PM1ESA MINNOWYoshi Anderson
NewmarketArran House StudWednesday04:30 PM1ESA 3Dale Voyse
CambridgeDW SportsWednesday04:30 PM1ESA 3Kamila Janiak
CambridgeCastle SchoolWednesday04:30 PM2ESA 5Ryan Cox
CambridgeCastle SchoolWednesday04:30 PM1ESA 2Yoshi Anderson
CambridgeClare HallWednesday05:00 PM1ESA 3David Vagos
Bar HillHallmark HotelWednesday05:00 PM1ESA 2
NewmarketArran House StudWednesday05:00 PM2ESA 5Dale Voyse
CambridgeGirton CollegeWednesday05:00 PM1ESA 4Liam Alderson
CambridgeDW SportsWednesday05:00 PM1ESA 3Kamila Janiak
CroydonManor FarmWednesday05:15 PM1ESA 2Mikaela Rowe
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolWednesday05:30 PM1ESA 1Americo Carvalho
Bar HillHallmark HotelWednesday05:30 PM1ESA 1
CambridgeDW SportsWednesday05:30 PM2ESA 4Kamila Janiak
CambridgeImagine Spa at Quy Mill HotelWednesday05:30 PM1ESA 2Lucinda Hart
CambridgeCastle SchoolWednesday05:30 PM1ESA 1Ryan Cox
CroydonManor FarmWednesday05:45 PM2ESA 4Mikaela Rowe
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolWednesday06:00 PM1ESA 2Americo Carvalho
NewmarketArran House StudWednesday06:00 PM1ESA 1Dale Voyse
CambridgeClare HallWednesday06:00 PM2ESA 1David Vagos
Bar HillHallmark HotelWednesday06:00 PM2ESA 5
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolWednesday06:30 PM3-Americo Carvalho
CambridgeClare HallWednesday07:00 PM2ESA 4David Vagos
CambridgeClare HallThursday03:00 PM1ESA MINNOWThomas Smith
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolThursday04:00 PM1ESA 2Americo Carvalho
CambridgeKings HedgesThursday04:00 PM1ESA 4Sam Mitchell
CambridgeDW SportsThursday04:00 PM1ESA 5Kamila Janiak
CambridgeKings HedgesThursday04:30 PM2ESA 2Sam Mitchell
CambridgeKings HedgesThursday04:30 PM1ESA 2Richard Sales
CambridgeDW SportsThursday04:30 PM2ESA 1Kamila Janiak
CambridgeKings HedgesThursday05:00 PM2ESA 2Richard Sales
CambridgeKings HedgesThursday05:00 PM2ESA 2Kevin Arrowsmith
CambridgeDW SportsThursday05:00 PM1ESA 3Kamila Janiak
CambridgeClare HallThursday05:00 PM2ESA 6Thomas Smith
NewmarketArran House StudThursday05:00 PM1ESA 3Dale Voyse
CambridgeKings HedgesThursday05:30 PM1ESA 2Sam Mitchell
CambridgeKings HedgesThursday05:30 PM2ESA MINNOWKevin Arrowsmith
CambridgeGirton CollegeThursday05:30 PM1ESA 5Liam Alderson
NewmarketArran House StudThursday05:30 PM1ESA 3Dale Voyse
CambridgeDW SportsThursday06:00 PM2ESA 6Kamila Janiak
CambridgeClare HallThursday06:00 PM1ESA 2Thomas Smith
NewmarketArran House StudThursday06:00 PM2ESA 4Dale Voyse
CambridgeKings HedgesThursday06:00 PM2ESA 2Sam Mitchell
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolThursday06:00 PM2ESA 3Americo Carvalho
CroydonManor FarmThursday06:00 PM2ESA 3Bryn Dymott
NewmarketArran House StudThursday06:30 PM1ESA 5Dale Voyse
NewmarketArran House StudThursday07:00 PM1ESA 4Dale Voyse
NewmarketArran House StudFriday03:30 PM2ESA 2Dale Voyse
CambridgeDW SportsFriday03:30 PM1ESA 1Liam Alderson
CambridgeGirton CollegeFriday04:00 PM3ESA 6Thomas Smith
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday04:00 PM2ESA MINNOWJoy Erasmus
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday04:30 PM2ESA 5Yoshi Anderson
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday04:30 PM2ESA MINNOWJoy Erasmus
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday04:30 PM1ESA MINNOWRyan Cox
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeFriday04:30 PM1ESA 5Sina Naderi
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolFriday05:00 PM2ESA 1Americo Carvalho
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday05:00 PM1ESA 1Yoshi Anderson
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday05:00 PM2ESA 5Joy Erasmus
CambridgeDW SportsFriday05:00 PM2ESA 3Liam Alderson
NewmarketArran House StudFriday05:00 PM1ESA MINNOWDale Voyse
CambridgeClare HallFriday05:30 PM1ESA 5Kamila Janiak
NewmarketArran House StudFriday05:30 PM1-Dale Voyse
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday05:30 PM2ESA 3Yoshi Anderson
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday05:30 PM1ESA 4Ryan Cox
CambridgeDW SportsFriday06:00 PM2ESA 5Liam Alderson
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday06:00 PM2ESA 5Ryan Cox
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday06:00 PM2ESA 5Yoshi Anderson
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeFriday06:00 PM2ESA MINNOWSina Naderi
NewmarketArran House StudFriday06:00 PM1ESA 3Dale Voyse
CambridgeKings HedgesFriday06:00 PM1ESA 1Joy Erasmus
CambridgeClare HallFriday06:30 PM1ESA 5Kamila Janiak
CambridgeDW SportsSaturday08:00 AM2ESA 6Americo Carvalho
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSaturday08:00 AM1ESA 5David Vagos
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSaturday08:00 AM1ESA 5Liam Alderson
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSaturday08:30 AM1ESA 6David Vagos
CroydonManor FarmSaturday08:30 AM2ESA 2Ryan Cox
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolSaturday08:30 AM1ESA 3Thomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallSaturday09:00 AM2ESA 6Joy Erasmus
CambridgeClare HallSaturday09:30 AM1ESA 3Joy Erasmus
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolSaturday09:30 AM2ESA 2Thomas Smith
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolSaturday10:00 AM1ESA 4Thomas Smith
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSaturday10:30 AM1ESA 5Liam Alderson
CroydonManor FarmSaturday10:30 AM1ESA 4Ryan Cox
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolSaturday11:00 AM3ESA 4Thomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallSaturday11:00 AM1ESA 3Joy Erasmus
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSaturday11:00 AM1ESA 2Liam Alderson
CambridgeGirton CollegeSaturday11:00 AM1ESA 1Katherine Hiby
NewmarketArran House StudSaturday11:00 AM1ESA 3Dale Voyse
CambridgeClare HallSaturday11:30 AM1ESA 3Joy Erasmus
CroydonManor FarmSaturday11:30 AM1ESA 4Ryan Cox
CambridgeClare HallSaturday12:00 PM1ESA 3Joy Erasmus
CambridgeGirton CollegeSaturday12:00 PM1ESA 3Katherine Hiby
NewmarketArran House StudSaturday12:00 PM1ESA MINNOWDale Voyse
CambridgeDW SportsSaturday12:30 PM1ESA 1Americo Carvalho
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSaturday12:30 PM1ESA 4David Vagos
CambridgeClare HallSaturday12:30 PM1ESA 3Joy Erasmus
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeSaturday01:00 PM1ESA MINNOWSina Naderi
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSaturday01:00 PM1ESA 4David Vagos
CambridgeClare HallSaturday01:00 PM1ESA 3Joy Erasmus
NewmarketArran House StudSaturday01:00 PM1ESA 1Dale Voyse
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeSaturday01:30 PM1ESA 4Lucinda Hart
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeSaturday02:00 PM1ESA 5Sina Naderi
CambridgeDW SportsSaturday02:30 PM2ESA 6Sam Mitchell
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeSaturday02:30 PM1ESA 6Sina Naderi
CambridgeDW SportsSaturday03:00 PM1ESA 3Sam Mitchell
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeSaturday03:00 PM2ESA 6Lucinda Hart
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeSaturday03:30 PM1ESA 2Sina Naderi
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeSaturday03:30 PM1ESA 1Lucinda Hart
CambridgeDW SportsSaturday04:00 PM1ESA 4Sam Mitchell
CambridgeDW SportsSaturday05:30 PM1ESA 4Sam Mitchell
CambridgeDW SportsSaturday06:00 PM1ESA 6Sam Mitchell
CambridgeDW SportsSaturday06:30 PM1ESA 5Sam Mitchell
CambridgeClare HallSunday08:30 AM1ESA 5Lucinda Hart
CambridgeClare HallSunday09:00 AM2ESA 3Lucinda Hart
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSunday09:00 AM1ESA 3David Vagos
CroydonManor FarmSunday09:00 AM1ESA 2Hellen Anderson
CambridgeClare HallSunday09:30 AM1ESA 2Lucinda Hart
CambridgeSt Johns College SchoolSunday09:30 AM1ESA 2Caroline Ruben
NewmarketArran House StudSunday09:30 AM1ESA 3Thomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallSunday10:00 AM1ESA 3Lucinda Hart
CambridgeBottisham Village CollegeSunday10:30 AM1ESA 5
NewmarketArran House StudSunday10:30 AM1ESA 6Thomas Smith
NewmarketArran House StudSunday11:00 AM2ESA 2Thomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallSunday11:30 AM1ESA 2Lucinda Hart
CroydonManor FarmSunday11:30 AM1ESA 1Hellen Anderson
NewmarketArran House StudSunday12:00 PM1ESA MINNOWThomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallSunday01:00 PM1ESA 4Lucinda Hart
CambridgeClare HallSunday03:30 PM1ESA 1
CambridgeClare HallSunday04:00 PM1ESA 4
CambridgeClare HallSunday04:30 PM2ESA 4
CambridgeKings HedgesMonday06:00 PM1ESA MINNOWRyan Cox
CambridgeKings HedgesMonday06:00 PM2ESA 1Kevin Arrowsmith
CambridgeImagine Spa at Quy Mill HotelTuesday03:30 PM1ESA 4Sina Naderi
CambridgeImagine Spa at Quy Mill HotelTuesday04:00 PM2ESA 4Sina Naderi
CambridgeImagine Spa at Quy Mill HotelTuesday04:30 PM1ESA 4Sina Naderi
CambridgeClare HallTuesday02:30 PM1ESA MINNOWKamila Janiak
CambridgeDW SportsThursday07:00 PM3ESA 4Kamila Janiak
CambridgeDW SportsFriday07:30 PM2ESA 3Liam Alderson
NewmarketArran House StudWednesday06:30 PM3Dale Voyse
NewmarketArran House StudSaturday01:30 PM2ESA 3Dale Voyse
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseMonday03:30 PM2ESA MINNOWCaroline Ruben
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseMonday04:00 PM2ESA 1Caroline Ruben
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseMonday04:30 PM2ESA MINNOWCaroline Ruben
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseMonday05:00 PM3ESA MINNOWCaroline Ruben
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseMonday05:30 PM3-Caroline Ruben
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseTuesday04:00 PM2ESA 1Bryn Dymott
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseTuesday04:30 PM2ESA 4Bryn Dymott
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseTuesday05:00 PM1ESA 1Bryn Dymott
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseTuesday05:30 PM2ESA 2Bryn Dymott
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseWednesday03:30 PM2ESA MINNOWSam Mitchell
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseWednesday04:00 PM2ESA MINNOWSam Mitchell
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseWednesday04:30 PM2ESA 3Sam Mitchell
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseWednesday05:00 PM3-Sam Mitchell
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseWednesday05:30 PM3-Sam Mitchell
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseFriday03:30 PM3-Samantha Naidu
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseFriday04:00 PM1ESA MINNOWSamantha Naidu
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseFriday04:30 PM2ESA MINNOWSamantha Naidu
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseFriday05:30 PM3-Samantha Naidu
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseSaturday09:30 AM1ESA MINNOWSam Mitchell
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseSaturday10:00 AM1ESA MINNOWSam Mitchell
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseSaturday10:30 AM1ESA 1Sam Mitchell
CroydonManor FarmTuesday09:30 AM3ESA 2Ed (Admin) Williams
NewmarketArran House StudFriday07:00 PM2ESA 4Americo Carvalho
CambridgeClare HallSaturday01:30 PM3ESA 1Joy Erasmus
CambridgeClare HallSaturday02:00 PM2ESA 4Thomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallSaturday02:30 PM3ESA 2Thomas Smith
CambridgeClare HallSaturday03:00 PM3ESA 1Thomas Smith
Bury St EdmundsBarrow SchoolSaturday11:30 AM1ESA 1Thomas Smith
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseThursday03:30 PM1ESA MINNOWSamantha Naidu
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseThursday04:00 PM3-Samantha Naidu
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseThursday04:30 PM2-Samantha Naidu
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseThursday05:00 PM2ESA 2Samantha Naidu
Great PaxtonPaxton Hill HouseThursday05:30 PM3-Samantha Naidu
CroydonManor FarmMonday03:30 PM1-Sina Naderi
CroydonManor FarmTuesday03:30 PM2ESA MINNOWHellen Anderson
CambridgeClare HallFriday03:30 PM3-Thomas Smith
CambridgeGirton CollegeFriday04:00 PM3-Thomas Smith
CambridgeAbbey Leisure ComplexFriday07:00 AM3ESA 1Paul Allington

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