Children’s School Holiday Courses

Available spaces

Here you can view every place we have available for our Children’s School Holiday Courses (Crash courses). Please note that these spaces are automatically updated every hour and are subject to change.


* You can filter by using the drop down boxes. (click the filtered value to remove it from the search.) * Or type in the search box to narrow down your options. Find the one you like, then email or phone our office to book your child in.

Available Places for Crash courses

TownPoolStart DateTimeSpacesAbility levelTeacher
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201909:00 AM3-Richard Sales
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201909:30 AM2ESA 1Richard Sales
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201910:00 AM3-Richard Sales
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201910:30 AM3-Richard Sales
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201909:00 AM1ESA MINNOWSam Mitchell
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201909:30 AM2ESA 2Sam Mitchell
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201910:00 AM3-Sam Mitchell
NewmarketArran House Stud21-10-201909:00 AM2ESA MINNOW
NewmarketArran House Stud21-10-201909:30 AM3-
NewmarketArran House Stud21-10-201910:00 AM3-
NewmarketArran House Stud21-10-201910:30 AM3-
CroydonManor Farm21-10-201909:30 AM3-Ryan Cox
CroydonManor Farm21-10-201910:00 AM2-Ryan Cox
CroydonManor Farm21-10-201910:30 AM3-Ryan Cox
CroydonManor Farm21-10-201911:00 AM3-Ryan Cox
CambridgeClare Hall21-10-201909:00 AM3-Liam Alderson
CambridgeClare Hall21-10-201909:30 AM1ESA 3Liam Alderson
CambridgeClare Hall21-10-201910:00 AM2-Liam Alderson
CambridgeClare Hall21-10-201910:30 AM3-Liam Alderson
CambridgeClare Hall21-10-201911:00 AM3-Liam Alderson
CambridgeClare Hall21-10-201911:30 AM3-Liam Alderson
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201909:30 AM2-Hannah Davis
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201910:00 AM3-Hannah Davis
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201910:30 AM1ESA MINNOWHannah Davis
CambridgeKings Hedges21-10-201909:00 AM3-Hannah Davis

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