We have been running our 5-day crash courses every half term and school holiday since the day we started, as they have always been a superb way to generate fast results in just 1 week. A 30-minute lesson every day, for 5 days, works wonders for children’s confidence, skills and ability, so it is always worth doing the odd one to get a boost in these areas.

Over the summer, we followed two of our students on a day-by-day journey on one such course, in order to track their development. The outcome was quite incredible and resulted in a remarkable transformation! Here is their story:

The students:

Bella – aged 4 – stage 0-1: 

Bella has had a few dips in the pool before with her family, but has never had any proper tuition before.

Jasmine – aged 2 – complete beginner: 

Jasmine has never been in a swimming pool before and is very nervous.

Monday: Day 1:

Both girls were very apprehensive when they arrived. Jasmine would not leave her mum’s side and Bella was very shy. This is very normal when we first meet children and we knew exactly how to approach them. Once the teachers had introduced themselves and started to build a rapport with the children, both teachers had gained the girls’ trust meaning they could start to get them in the water. The girls were both a bit wobbly at first, but by the end of the lesson had already mastered swimming with a woggle and floats.

Tuesday: Day 2:

Bella was super excited to come the next day and jumped straight in! Apparently she had spent the whole of Monday saying how BRILLIANT swimming was and how much she loved her teacher. That is exactly how we try and leave our kids feeling after lesson 1, so for lesson 2 Bella made huge strides with her water confidence.

Jasmine was a little less keen to come back, but for 2 year olds this is very normal for a second lesson! Within 5 minutes though, jasmine was learning safe entries into the water and spent the rest of the lesson developing her woggle and float skills further.

Wednesday: Day 3:

By day 3, both girls were hooked on swimming! They were so excited to arrive and both had a hugely productive lesson. Bella started to show signs of independent doggy-paddle and backstroke without a woggle by the end of the lesson and Jasmine was happy to not only blow bubbles, but submerge completely!


Thursday: Day 4:

The parents were originally going to miss day 4 of the week due to family commitments, but the girls were so devastated at the idea of missing swimming that they came anyway. Jasmine was now completely confident with kicking and started working on her scooping arm actions to form a doggy-paddle with a woggle.

By the end of Bella’s lesson she could swim a whole width of front-crawl and backstroke. The front-crawl still resembled doggy-paddle, but her arms were coming out of the water which, we consider a basic starting point for front-crawl strokes.


Friday: Day 5:

Day 5 was spent revising the week’s work and cementing the girls’ new-found skills. Both girls also worked on jumping independently and swimming underwater. Bella started learning the basics of breaststroke and Jasmine had her first taste of swimming with no floats.

As the end of the lesson approached, the girls said their goodbyes and how much they loved the week.



In conclusion:

In just 5 days and a total of 2.5 hours of intense tuition both girls had gone from nervous non-swimmers, to confident and happy independent swimmers! Jasmine was still on floats and will be for a good while longer considering her age, but the difference in her confidence is exactly what we had hoped for.

Bella’s transformation was really quite remarkable having gone from a non-swimmer to demonstrating a very acceptable front-crawl, backstroke and breaststroke. This may sound far-fetched, but it is exactly what we expected and is something we see time and time again.

If you would like your children to benefit from the same level of progress then you can join us for a crash course any half-term or school holiday.