Open Water Drop-in Sessions

1 hour of intense open water specific coaching every Wednesday evening


Open Water Drop-In Sessions

Our group coaching sessions are a great way to improve your open water technique, strength, stamina, speed and understanding with a small group of like-minded people. Unlike other lake swimming sessions this is not a turn up and do your own thing session. It is a structured 1 hour class under the guidence of one of our top coaches who will refine your open water technique and give you a great workout in the process! Any weaknesses in your stroke will be assessed and corrected by one of our coaches who will be out in the water with you on a safety boat for close up technique analysis. You will still get some good long swims in, but you will have a lot of personalised technique to focus on whilst you do it, to make you a better swimmer.

New to open water swimming?

We understand that open water swimming can be a very daunting experience if you are not used to it and we will guide you every step of the way to becoming confident and relaxed in this new environment.

Already used to Open water swimming but want to improve?

We will teach you how to become smoother, faster and more efficient by perfecting your existing technique and teaching you lots of new tricks to maximise your potential.

Swimmer Requirements

As a minimum, you will be expected to swim a distance of 200m  of continuous freestyle to participate in this session. If you are unable to swim the above distance, we would love to have you attend 1-2-1 coaching to get you started! Distances are tailored in this session to suit the individual so you will be worked at a level specific to your ability for the duration of the session.

Where we meet?

Every Wednesday evening between 6.30pm and 7.30pm at Milton Country Park between May and October. Sign in at 6.15pm, getting into the water at 6.30pm.

We meet at the swim bank at Milton Country park. Enter the park and follow the path round to the left of the visitors centre. We meet on the bank at the first lake you see. If in doubt just follow all the people wearing wetsuits!

10 Swim Card

A pay as you go (PAYG) swim card can be purchased to allow the named student to attend our group coaching sessions at a discounted rate instead of paying the usual £10 per swim on the door. Every time you attend we simply stamp your card and once it is full all you have to do is buy another one! A good money saving scheme for our regular attendees.

Practice sessions also available on Friday evenings and Saturday Mornings

Milton Country Park run their own drop in sessions which offer a chance for our swimmers to practice their open water swimming in a safe organised session. These sessions are not coached but do have a safety crew on call to look after everyone! The fee is £5 per swim and full details can be viewed on the Milton Country Park Website.

Gift Vouchers

£50, £100, £150 and £200

Our Gift Vouchers can be used to purhcase any of products or services

Open Water Drop-In Sessions



No need to book for these sessions, just turn up and pay at the lake.

You can purchase a 10 swim card in advance for £90

10 Swim Card

A pay as you go (PAYG) swim card

A good money saving scheme for our regular attendees.

“Out standing, is how I would describe the advice from elite swim academy. I feel sure that with their help I will dodge the channel tunnel train fare and swim the channel. Simple techniques taught with a bit of common sense and in an unpatronising way”


“Thank you so much for the fantastic work you have done with my son so far, not only improving his technique and speed but in particular for making it such a positive experience for him. The difference in his speed, technique and more importantly his enjoyment of swimming is wonderful”

J Knowler

“I want to thank for a most enjoyable day on sunday, it was worth every penny. Got rid of some poor habits that had slipped in, gave me a reminder of how I might be able to swim if I focused a bit more and also interesting to learn new techniques which were previously not the accepted methods. It was fun and I really liked your natural but precise method of delivery”


“This course was like nothing else I have ever experienced in the world of swimming coaching! The progress I made in just 4 hours is truly remarkable. Over a 400m sprint I am now 3 minutes faster and my stroke rate has dropped below 20 per length when it was 26 Strokes per length yesterday! Best money I have invested in myself for a long time.”


“Thank you for a spectacular open water course. When you said we would walk away a different swimmer by the end of the day I thought “yes right!” I have been proven wrong and will testify that I have learned more with you in 4 hours than in the last 20 years! I am now faster than my brother for the first time ever. Thank you!”